10 Stars Who Became Famous and Successful Despite Their Serious Illnesses

10 stars who became famous and successful despite their serious illnesses

The luxurious lives of the stars are so blinding to “ordinary people” that they tend to believe that everything is always okay with them. They have good hair, make-up, a nice partner, a nice family, and a lot of money. However, this is just a so-called cognitive bias when we form an image of someone based solely on our impressions.

The truth is that their lives don’t sip to the bottom either. They too can be sad, get into smaller, bigger crises in their lives, have frustrations, have relationship difficulties, and can’t be spared by illness. There are some stars for whom the latter is bitterly bitter in their lives, yet they have been able to run huge careers because their desire to make their dreams come true has always been much stronger than their illness.

Here are 10 world stars who have vomited on the disease!

1. Lady Gaga

In 2017, the singer first spoke openly about suffering from fibromyalgia. This disease is associated with constant fatigue and muscle pain affecting the whole body. Pain occurs while moving, but also at night, depriving the patient of the opportunity to sleep. It is a strong pain that drives the patient into madness and makes them depressed. However, the causes are often uncovered by neither laboratory results nor X-ray findings. Fibromyalgia affects roughly 1% of the population, with Gaga falling to just that one percent.

2. Marilyn Monroe

According to urban legends, one leg of the former sex symbol was a few inches shorter than the other, which he tried to cover up with tricks of some sort. But what was really important about Marilyn Monroe was not a physical illness, but a mental disorder, namely bipolar disorder. This mental disorder, as its name suggests, indicates continuous fluctuations between two states, alternating between depressive and manic periods. A person’s condition can be described in one word as follows: extreme. The actress knew she didn’t have an easy life, and over time, her mental illness was to the detriment of her work.

3. Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead star suffered a serious car accident in 2005, which resulted in the loss of his left eye and a severe crash in the left half of his face. Several metal clips had to be surgically inserted into Norman’s face, literally wiring his face.

4. Bella Hadid

The supermodel was diagnosed in 2015 with Lyme disease. The disease is spread by infected ticks, which can result in rash, fatigue, loss of appetite, cramps, and as a complication in prolonged periods, myocarditis, meningitis, facial nerve palsy, nerve and joint (mostly knee) inflammation. Because of this condition, Bella is often forced to give up a job.

5. Selena Gomez

A feature of autoimmune diseases is that the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissues. Selena Gomez has also been diagnosed with this type of disease, namely lupus. Selena’s body initially responded well to the treatments, but by 2017 her condition had deteriorated so much that she needed a kidney transplant. She “got” the organ from her girlfriend, French Raisa, and the surgery was thankfully successful.

6. Sia

Sia very rarely talks about her private life, it’s no coincidence that she even covers her face with wigs in front of a large audience. All he knows, however, is that at the beginning of his career, he struggled with severe alcohol and drug problems, which he successfully overcame. But, Sia is overshadowed by something else, and that is Graves-Basedow’s disease, which is associated with hyperthyroidism. Symptoms include accelerated metabolism, high blood pressure, fertility problems, muscle weakness, and protruding eyes.

7. Jack Osbourne

Ozzie Osbourne’s son, Jack, suffers from a serious illness. In 2012, he went to see a doctor due to vision problems, where examinations revealed that he had multiple sclerosis. MS is also an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. It can have a lot of symptoms, e.g. optic neuritis, accompanied by visual impairment, movement coordination problems, impaired speech and typically symptoms in waves, so-called appear in shubs. Jack set up a charity fund to support his “peers” because he believes this disease is not the equivalent of a death sentence.

8. Cher

In the ’90s, the singer was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus: the human herpes virus that often causes cancer. It is accompanied by chronic fatigue, depression and mononucleosis. Cher has been fighting the disease for years, but she continues to work hard.

9. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a man who earns millions of dollars while he sleeps and also receives the most beautiful gifts. But the best gift you’ve ever received was Christmas 2017. He had a victory against psoriasis, which he has been fighting for years.

10. Lil Wayne

The famous rapper Lil Wayne was a great success in his career, despite suffering from epilepsy. His mother taught him to “tame” the disease. In 2017, the rapper was sent to the hospital after 3 seizures.