13 Celebrities Who Gave Birth After the Age of 45 and Proved That It Is Never Too Late to Become a Mother

13 celebrities who gave birth after the age of 45 and proved that it is never too late to become a mother

More and more women are choosing to have children later. Some women choose to build their careers and gain financial stability before having a child, others have not found the right person to start a family with and choose artificial insemination. Celebrities are no different, and because of their constant travel and stressful careers, some female celebrities choose to have children later.

We are inspired by these women and want to share with you a list of celebrities who broke the customs and gave birth after the age of 45.

1. Halle Berry, 47 years old

Oscar-winner Halle Berry gave birth to her second child at the age of 47 from French actor Olivier Martinez. She has a daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, from a previous relationship with model Gabriel Aubry.

2. Jane Kaczmarek, at the age of 46

THE Malcolm again sitcom mom juggling 4 kids on screen, but in real life, Jane Kaczmarek gave birth to 3 kids at 42 and 44 and a third at 46.

3. Janet Jackson, at the age of 50

Janet Jackson, at the age of 50, first became a mother and gave birth to her son, Eissa Al Mana.

4. Kelly Preston, 47 years old

Kelly Preston and her husband, John Travolta, had a baby boy at the age of 47, Ben.

5. Susan Sarandon, 45 years old

Susan Sarandon was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disease that can cause infertility, yet she gave birth to her third child at age 45.

6. Iman, at 45 years old

Model Iman at the age of 45 welcomed her child into our world, Lexit from legendary musician David Bowie.

7. Audra McDonald, 46 years old

The six-time Tony Prize-winning American singer and actress became a mother again at the age of 46.

8. Rachel Weisz, 48 years old

The Mummy’s actress was born at the age of 48 with her husband, James Bond star Daniel Craig. Rachel Weisz has a son with director Darren Aronofsky and Daniel Craig has a twenty-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

9. Chloë Sevigny, 45 years old

The American Horror Story actress gave birth to her first child at the age of 45 from her boyfriend Siniša Mačković.

10. Laura Linney, 49 years old

Laura Linney kept her pregnancy a secret until she gave birth to her son, Bennett Armistead, at the age of 49.

11. Kenya Moore, 47 years old

A well-known actress, producer and reality show star from the Atlanta Real Housewives series, she underwent artificial insemination at the age of 47 and gave birth to her little daughter, Brooklyn.

12. Tamron Hall, 48 years old

The talk show presenter, writer and former host of the Today show gave birth to a child for the first time at the age of 48.

13. Brigitte Nielsen, 54 years old

The Danish actress, who became pregnant with IVF treatment, gave birth to her fifth child at the age of 54. He didn’t give up, and his perseverance paid off when his little daughter, Frida, was born.