15 Contradictory Inventions, Which, on Closer Inspection, Make Several Sense

15 contradictory inventions, which, on closer inspection, make several sense

Have you ever had cool ideas that seemed too crazy for you to try them in real life? A necklace made of plastic fork or a gadget that combines a baseball bat and a piston – these things were also someone’s crazy ideas, but they became a reality thanks to a little skillful craftsmanship.

We made a compilation of the weird but interesting inventions that shook the internet. Maybe these photos will inspire you to do something even more creative.

Picnic on the swing? Why not?!

Who needs a disco ball if you have a disco… nutcracker ?!

Believe me, it’s really convenient!

Let’s bet this car works with pure creativity!

“Some people on the internet didn’t like my latest craft project. Can you believe this? As for me, I think this is my best job so far! ”

“Look – I made this sweater from dryer lint!”

“I’m still not sure why I made this denim armchair…”

“I noticed this villa in my brother’s house. When I asked him why he ruined it like that, he took out his iPad and everything became clear! ”

“So what? There was not enough space for my father’s toes! ”

“Last week my boss realized that a broken office chair would fit the saddle of my bike…”

Do you need a sip of water in the middle of the night? Quench your thirst without getting out of bed!

“Sometimes my friends ask me for the weirdest gadgets.”

Let there be light!

Homemade necklaces simply can’t be surpassed!

“My mom is here again! Ladies and gentlemen, here is a vase made of cloth and cement! ”