15+ Designs, Which Is Why We Just Ask, “Why?”

15+ designs, which is why we just ask, “Why?”

When it comes to design, the line between imaginative and exaggerated creations is very thin. Sometimes the burning passion that drives designers to show their creativity is a double-edged sword that can cause products to bake very badly. Examples are the washbasin, which is attached to the toilet, the tilted benches on which water stands, or the glove, whose fingers are all the same length.

We are believers in innovative ideas, but we also appreciate those funny moments when plans go wrong, and we found 19 such cases here for you.

1. Stairs that you can’t see.

2. The washbasin is connected to the toilet, forming a perfect slide.

3. Place a bench so close to the edge of the roof that if a light wind blows while it is raining, the bench will soak.

4. Pockets on women’s jeans

5. There is a steady LED in the headrest built into the light switch. It’s a funny fact that blue light mostly interferes with your brain’s ability to sleep.

6. My oven has a touch screen, so every time I open it, steam gets on the touch screen and confuses the settings.

7. It’s not vitamin D – it’s an emoji on a magnesium bottle.

8. This shoe allows me to take the complete ride with me.

9. Every time I wash, I turn the lights on and off.

10. Installation of non-closing curtains in a place where the apartment is exposed to 24/7 sunlight in summer.

11. Hm… where should I go?

12. Hey, I wish there was a letter that looked faintly like a fin.

13. Thank you for the stairs (on both sides of the bridge).

14. A very public bathroom

15. These benches are tilted backward and have no drainage system, so the water only stays there for days after rain.

16. Would there be more lamps?

17. I can’t help but feel like the ship was missed.

18. A pair of gloves with all fingers the same length.

19. These shoes have suction cups on the bottom that pop out when I walk on smooth surfaces.