15+ Hysterical Images That Show the Sweet and Bitter Moments of Parenting

15+ hysterical images that show the sweet and bitter moments of parenting

Being a parent is an unpredictable journey. From the moment your baby dips her little toes into a sauce, to the fact that you’re proud of how much your child looks like you, it’s hard to put the complexity of parenting into words. But some people manage to take photos that capture the point pretty well.

We have now brought some pictures that perfectly illustrate the roller coaster of parenting.

1. “My daughter insists she wear my socks, but only what she has on her face.”

2. “That’s how I found it this morning. His poor little legs were lowered. ”

3. “He saw our beautiful little boy for the first time – I think he was just as shocked as we are.”

4. “I love that whenever I am nearby, you have to contact me in some way.”

5. “I giggled a lot in this photo my wife took of our 3.5 week old girl and me during our match.”

6. “My little girl tasted the rainbow and it wasn’t a very good thing.”

7. “Our daughter has just turned one year old. I had to give my wife the recognition where the recognition goes. ”

(one year dairy fee)

8. “Cooking with a baby, a short story…”

9. “In the middle of the performance, I dropped a call because my 9-year-old daughter said water was spilling on the bathroom floor.”

10. “I’m home with my 3 kids all weekend”

(The noise level has reached 95 decibels. It can cause temporary hearing loss for 10 minutes at this level.)

11. “They’d all shout for food at once, so that’s the best thing I’ve come up with so I can feed you 3 bottles at a time.”

12. “My son thought it would be funny to put his toy in front of the baby monitor.”

13. “When the little one is no longer the little one”

14. “How did my wife dress our daughter the day after the teachers told her we should dress more girly”

15. “Kids are so funny, man. Kirakom vs. I pick up… ”

16. “My daughter when I work in the basement”

17. “My twins turned 2 today. I don’t think they are as happy with this milestone as I and Mom are. ”

18. “My wife recently took this photo where my daughter and I are sleeping in exactly the same way. No DNA test is required. ”

19. “My little man ate spaghetti and almost fell into a coma.”