15 People Honestly Shared What Was Really Going on in Their Workplace

16 people honestly shared what was really going on in their workplace

Internet users decided to share photos of their workplace: some talked about their tips and others about their “generous” boss. Seeing some of these photos will really make you want a job where you can pet horses or take x-rays of hedgehogs.

I was also shocked by the pleasant sides of some jobs and the difficulties people have to deal with in their workplace.

1. “I am a postal courier. I’ve had so many tips on my route in the last 6 months. ”

2. “I know there are a lot of lessons to be learned as a small business owner, but that’s a cruel one”.

3. When you work for a billion-dollar company, and the tools you use to do your job look like this:

4. “Our CEO has just bought a huge 4K TV instead of the perfectly good 1080p TVs that no one ever watches in the lounge, while almost all of our staff are so poor that we all live on meal vouchers, live in friends’ garages, etc. ”.

5. “What will he do to you in 10 months in a warehouse”

6. “So it happened yesterday at work.”

7. “We should have closed at 10 in the evening, but it happened. Visitors stayed until 11:40 and wanted dessert. ”

8. “What a great way to start the morning.”

9. “In our workplace, they say to treat chips like male eggs.”

10. “The view as I walk into my night cleaning job”

11. “This faulty set of screws was made at my old workplace by a furniture manufacturer.”

12. “The vein finder at work”

13. “I quit in restaurants 2 days ago after being a cook / chef all my adult life and doing my nails for the first time in my life!”

14. “When a boss decides to thank the millions his employees are earning for him:”

15. “And to the delight of watching, here’s an X-ray of a hedgehog. Watch the spikes and ears. ”