15 People Who Finally Managed to See in Themselves the Beauty They Had Ignored for Too Long

15 people who finally managed to see in themselves the beauty they had ignored for too long

Many look at themselves through the prism of others ’comments and stereotypes. And it’s very good when a person can put these stereotypes aside and love himself because everyone is beautiful thanks to his smile and the sparkle of his eyes.

The heroes of the article were dissatisfied with their appearance for years, until they finally realized that their bodies were the best thing that existed. Some had to make an effort, while others just straightened their curly hair, looked in the mirror, and smiled.

We loved the stories of Reddit users who just accepted themselves.

1. “I kept straightening my hair for 11 years and I had lifeless, dry, dull, dull hair. I started wearing natural hair and literally woke her from death.”

2. “Today I changed my hair and put on makeup and all of a sudden I felt pretty!”

3. “I took a step and cut my hair. 5 years after adulthood and I am finally learning to take care of myself. “

4. “From fighting an eating disorder to competitions. Obesity can be very cool too. “

5. “I can finally say that anything is possible!”

6. “I was harassed in most of high school for having“ emo ”hair and dressed in black. I learned to be more confident in myself, I learned to dress nicely, I started going to the gym every day, and most importantly, I learned not to care about anyone.

7. “I am proud of myself for what I have achieved and I appreciate and are grateful to my body for all that it does for me. But even if my weight hadn’t changed, I wouldn’t let my zest for life go away. ”

8. “The photo on the left was taken a year ago today. I felt bad in my skin and I was depressed. And over the years, I learned to love myself unconditionally, which means a lot more to me than 21kg. “

9. “I’ve struggled with body image disorder over the years, but I think I’m finally starting to fall in love with myself.”

10. “2 years of progress, I’m much healthier and happier.”

11. “I’m happier and healthier today.”

12. “I gained some weight and took a shelter dog with me.

13. “After a loose XS, I became size M. I am very proud of myself. ”

14. “I could be in better shape, but I can proudly say that I recovered from an almost 10-year-old eating disorder. There are many forms of health.

15. “Weight loss – self-love growth. After 3 years I completely recovered from bulimia! “