16 Stunning Hotels Where They Know How to Make Their Guests Happy

16 stunning hotels where they know how to make their guests happy

Guests who stay in hotels often know exactly what to expect during their stay. However, there are hotels in the world that dazzle their guests.
We collected 16 hotels that are so cool and unusual that their guests chose to share what they saw there.

1. “I don’t have to go to the shower in my hotel to start the water.”

2. “There is a rope in my hotel room that turns all the lights in the room on and off.”

3. “The hotel where I stayed had clean remote controls.”

4. “The hotel has a free cell phone that I can take with me in the city during my stay.”

5. “What are you going to say now, is this a 5 star hotel?”

6. The hotel checklist reminds you not to leave anything in the hotel.

(clothes, laptop, keys, toothbrush, passport, etc.)

7. “The night light in a Japanese hotel can be turned on from halfway.”

8. “I stayed in a hotel in Brazil where there is a remote control with an instant football watch button.”

9. “The TV in my hotel room has easily accessible HDMI and USB jacks.”

10. “This little note under the bed of the hotel room lets you know that it has been cleaned there as well.”

(Yes, we cleaned it down below as well)

11. “The hotel has a separate towel with which I can wipe my makeup.”

12. “This robot brought toilet paper to my hotel room.” Cupertino, California

13. “I found a Stargate in my hotel.”

14. “This hotel has an elevator button in the hallway, so by the time you get to the elevator you will be waiting with the door open.”

15. “A hotel in Zurich has rubber ducks and tiny shampoos on display.”

16. This hotel in Europe offers some fish to solo travelers.

(Are you alone in the room and want company? Rent fish!)