19 People Who Asked to Change Their Look With Photoshop and Our Designers Did a Great Job

19 people who asked to change their look with Photoshop and our designers did a great job

Modern fashion dictates its own rules. And they apply not only to clothing, but to makeup and even facial features. The moment we open Instagram, we immediately crave more fashionable cheekbones, lips and eyebrows. And the guys, of course, want to grow a thick beard. But you can never know if these trends are really right for you. But thanks to modern technology, you can get these trendy features without lying under a knife.

We decided to take part in a curious experiment. We handed over photos of our volunteers to professional designers. Each photo contained specific modification requests from participants, but the results were still quite unexpected.

1. Paula

“I want pearly purple hair, rounded lips, a small nose and straight eyebrows.”

2. Irene

“I want to remove the wrinkles around my nose and lips, make my nose a little smaller, and see what I would look like with blue eyes. I have never done this in reality. ”

3. Maria

“I want the state to be longer, to be proportionate to my face, I want flawless skin, green eyes, long lashes and thick hair that is 2-3 times lighter in color than my natural color.”

4. Catherine

“I want to make my face smaller so I don’t look like a hamster. I wouldn’t mind having sharper cheekbones and eyes like Bella Hadid.

5. Irene

“I want my nose to be smaller and my eyes to be bigger.”

6. Bella

“I want a smaller nose and thicker eyebrows.”

7. Ian

“I want a strong beard.”

8. Anna

“I want my face to be smaller, my cheekbones to be sharper, and I want to remove my sagging eyelids.”

9. Irene

“I want a thinner nose, my cheekbones should be higher, my lips should be a little richer, and remove the bags from under my eyes.

10. Olivia

“I want a more characterful face and remove my holster.

11. Hope

“My dream is to have my nose narrower and sharper and my lips richer.”

12. Anna

“I want my facial features to be softer, my nose smaller, my eyes wider, and my eyelashes longer and thicker.”

13. Wesley

“I want brown eyes and dark hair.”

14. Una

“I want to remove the bags and wrinkles around my nose from under my eyes to make my facial contour smoother and my teeth whiter. I also want my eyes to have green and curly hair. They were never like that in reality. ”

15. Daria

“I don’t want to change anything right now. But once I wanted to dye my hair black. I wonder what I would look like with him. ”

16. Nick

“I want a thicker beard, blue eyes and a slightly smaller nose.

17. Anastasia

“I want to look at myself with blue eyes and a narrower nose.”

18. Diana

“I want snow-white teeth.”

19. Julia

“I wonder what I would look like with long blonde hair and a smaller nose.”

Bonus: extreme transformation

Let’s make the state longer, my skin cleaner, and my eyes green with thick lashes. I also want a cute piercing in my nose, a little mole under my left eye, voluminous pink locks, and my lips being brighter.