19 Tricks That Prove That the Human Imagination Is Limitless

19 tricks that prove that the human imagination is limitless

From the syringe to the safety needle! Anything that seems worthless in the house can actually be a real treasure in a matter of moments. We just need a little imagination. If you still suffer from the ever-slipping zipper or forget to take your pills, you’re in the right place.

We share the wisdom of resourceful people, which you’ll ask, “And why haven’t I figured that out so far?”.

1. When attaching the bracelet, use a safety pin to hold the chain links in place.

2. Use a fork to grate the last pieces of food.

3. When reheating the pasta residue made with cream sauce, add a little extra cream/milk to keep the original consistency of the sauce.

4. When children are adults, it still makes sense.

5. Use the phone’s front camera to look into the boxes on the high shelf.

6. Are you going to run and have no pockets? Thread your key through your shoelaces and tie it in double!

7. Tear up the spam and return it with the included business reply envelope. The business will be charged a fee for each letter returned.

8. “My zipper kept slipping down, so I fixed it with a paper clip.”

9. “I’ve always tried to find a way to use my laptop in the sun without melting. Just buy cardboard from a store. ”

10. These are fake windows.

I wanted natural light in a basement with no windows. I paid $ 10 for two old windows. I painted them, frosted the glass, mounted them on the wall, behind them with 12 ″ LED flat screen lights. Now it’s always 2pm in the basement bar. © ZZbrew / Reddit

11. When you don’t want to buy a smaller pan for a single recipe:

12. The shelves of the old refrigerator door will become new shed shelves.

13. Common Running Trick: Socks should be worn upside down to prevent blisters and abrasions from seams.

14. Turn a Tupperware container upside down and use it as the bottom of the lid to make it easier to remove the cake.

15. Use the spring salad clip to keep the reusable bags open while drying.

16. My kids always complained that they get the end of the bread, so I started to turn it over and put it down with the end so they wouldn’t know.

17. Use a ladder when transporting tall plants.

18. When dispensing very dilute liquid medications, make a gap in the seal to prevent spillage and make dosing more accurate.

19. Keep at least one empty paper towel box handy. When you are sick, put used handkerchiefs when you are tied to a bed.