20 Babies Who Probably Look Older Than You


If you’ve ever wondered why there are babies who look like they’re adults, Garrett R. Griffin it can give a very logical answer. He says babies have too much skin compared to the bone structure, so wrinkles appear. Luckily, these wrinkles are temporary and we don’t feel any shame to have a good laugh with these babies who look like our cheeky uncle who always complains that things were different in his time.

We collected 20 mysterious pictures of unexpectedly aging babies.

1. When you see mom and dad kissing each other:

2. Like your grumpy neighbor…

3. The old uncle who nowadays always objects to the price of coffee

4. A Norwegian baby who sees the world for the first time

5. “Why do you need these, Mom?”

6. The happiness of every grandfather when his grandson visits

7. Immersed in selfie play

8. Too young to baldness.

9. “No one laughs at Grandma’s jokes.

10. When your puppy is spit out Danny DeVito:

11. Last night was a crazy party.

12. What do you mean, mother’s milk has run out?

13. “Take me where it’s hot.”

14. “Did anyone see my tooth?”

15. The forehead of a 50-year-old man

16. The uncle who makes jokes and laughs at himself

17. The look your mom gets when she says she’s broccoli is cooked

18. No one looks good when they wake up.

19. “Leave me alone!”

20. The uterus was a much happier place…