20 Things That Have Been Cleaned up and Can Now Be Put On Display

20 things that have been cleaned up and can now be put on display

Cleaning works wonders – you wash some things, wipe others, and your favorite items start to shine in the sun. But be careful: they say people click on this activity, and sometimes you may find yourself cleaning up your neighbors ’things after you’re done with yours.

We love looking through photos of internet users who can handle dirt and rust as easily as they can tell ABC. In the bonus section, you can find out what happens if you don’t dust for a long time.

“It’s crazy to be able to do 20 minutes. The customer was very satisfied. ”

Grilling for years, removed in seconds.

“Transformation of a shower! The hardest thing I’ve ever cleaned. ”

This silver dip was already waiting to shine on Wednesday.

“I got a pressure washer for my birthday.”

“It had to be cleaned with a polishing cloth.”

“I decided to wash my fence this morning… The tiger strips still need to be wiped off a bit, but compared to the fact I haven’t done it in 20 years.”

“I see my house every single day and I didn’t even notice it was dirty! I sigh, now I have to do it all, I have to wash the whole driveway and the whole sidewalk… What did I start with! ”

“I bought a house last week. There are also more urgent things, but I had to wash the new terrace table !!! The whole porch is coming! ”

“It’s a great day to show off my weekend work.”

“I cleaned my grandmother’s old wine glasses and teacups. More than 20 years of dust and fumes. NI didn’t know they were clean.

“I cleaned this dock a little today.”

“I washed away the dirt deposited during the years of rainfall in the Amazon forests.”

“I thoroughly cleaned the oven of my rental property. It made me so happy. ”

Most car paints are good for high pressure water unless there is paint damage.

Outdoor stairs, before and after

“We do this every year at my parents’ house.”

“I work for a zoo! This is the first time I have removed the fox fur and dirt from our favorite resting place of the polar fox with a motorized washer. ”

Plastic table, before and after

“Before and after – after 1.5 years my ring was cleaned for the first time!”

Bonus: “An amplifier has been brought to our service center for repair. They turned to us because one of the channels did not work. We opened it and saw, “