20 Women Who Broke With Beauty Stereotypes, and That Made Us Shout, “Come on, Babe!”


Charming faces are everywhere, and while 92% of girls say women shouldn’t feel pressured to change their looks, it’s hard not to try not to look the way society expects us to. For example, research has shown that one-third of girls will not post selfies without a filter.

We applaud the courage and beauty of these women who share honest images to fight the ridiculous beauty standards we all have to face.

1. “I have said this before. There was never anything wrong with my gray hair. “

2. “Isn’t it absurd that it’s socially acceptable for people to have a lot of ‘hair’ on their heads but not on other parts of the same body?”

3. We are so happy that some people have a humorous attitude towards photos of glittering celebrities.


4. “Every body is a bikini body.”

5. “So I normalize the facial hair for those who grew up in the belief that they should be ashamed of it.”

6. “I’ve always hated my hair. And my mom grew up hating her freckles… so she always taught me how to cover them up. But now I am starting to love them. ”

7. This girl abandoned Western beauty standards and wore her lowered, natural hair for the first time in her life. And beautiful!

8. “I’ve struggled with body image all my life. But now I realize that I somehow look like those statues of ancient Greek women, and I have no problem with the fact that I am the ideal woman of ancient Greece. ”

9. This couple may not look like others, but they are absolutely beautiful!

10. “This is a picture that shows very clearly some not very beneficial parts of my body, but I am so happy to finally be able to post without shame!”

11. “You inspired me to make the first non-hunched,“ tall and (I pretend to be) proud ”self of my life, and in that moment I panicked. Old habits are hard to die for, I think. ”

12. “I shaved my head 9 months ago after I had chemically relaxed hair for 15 years! Now I am experiencing my natural hair for the first time. It’s a whole new part of me and I love it. ”

13. “For most of my life, I wore my hair like the picture on the left. I recently met someone who encouraged me to accept the curly girl in me! ”

14. “First time I’m in a bikini in public!” (man became woman)

15. “My husband is taller and thinner than me and that has never been a problem for him. It normalizes that women are bigger than their partners. ”

16. “I love my tiger stripes because they gave you to me…”

17. ”You have pores, not your faults! Think of a lemon without dimples… this peel protects the fruit in it. ”

18. “Just a reminder that it’s okay if you’re bigger than your partner.”

19. “I was told not to wear big glasses because it highlights my nose. So I bought the biggest I could find! ”

20. “Ever since I was diagnosed with vitiligo, I’ve been called“ cow ”and“ Dalmatian, ”so I’ve made an appearance that inspired it.”