24 Discoveries From Tech Support Workers That Show That Technology Is Not for Everyone

24 discoveries from Tech Support workers that show that technology is not for everyone

Technology was born to make our lives easier and more bearable tasks that previously required more tools, work, and time. But despite their great usefulness, they are still fragile elements – a bad move or even the passage of time can damage them.

If there’s anyone who knows this first-hand, it’s the technicians who not only try to save things that already seem lost but also run into all sorts of problems that make us really think about how they might have happened at all…

We’ve collected photos of rare technical issues that these professionals have shared with each other, and they confirm that there are those who can’t have nice things for a long time.

1. “They sent a computer that didn’t start, it was glued to the table. We had to cut it out. ”

2. “One of our customers couldn’t figure out why your wireless keyboard and mouse didn’t work”

3. “ Hey, get those few PCs from the warehouse in the basement, I need one too.
Come on, boss, I brought you a PC. ”

4. “Batteries have not been replaced for 11 years”

5. “Easy repair”

6. “This happens when the technician in front of you puts the PC right next to the CNC in a carpentry workshop… It still works.”

7. He: My MacBook Pro is warming up. Inside the fan: An ant colony

8. “No, I’ve never dropped my phone in water or anything else.”

9. “A customer arrived for a battery replacement, saying the battery life is bad, I opened the phone and found this. The battery is for the smaller iPhone. ”

10. “Is the power supply broken? I’ll cable myself in. ”

11. “I just opened a laptop CD player, it seems to have come loose.”

12. Customer: “My AJ key is not responding.”

13. The customer came in and said, “It didn’t charge, so I plugged in the cable and it doesn’t work now.”

14. “The boss asked if I could save his data because he accidentally drove through his phone in a car”

15. “A user dropped his laptop. Please quote. ”

16. “You can fix your sister’s phone, right? Sometimes it warms up and many times it turns off. ” “What’s that smell?” Battery operated. Literally battery acid. ”

17. “This is a shore power cord after 8 years of exposure to salt air and moisture.

18. “Hi, here is my laptop. It works better now. ”

19. “This is what a student destroyed by a student looks like”

20. Colored ants! ”

21. “It turns out that the Microsoft Surface SSD is still replaceable.”

22. “My wife poured coffee on our laptop.”

23. “My girlfriend’s Xbox 360 hard drive rattled… Can I restore the data?”

24. “An electrician friend of mine just sent this to me, I found it while testing a portable device.”