5 Common Cooking Mistakes That Are Often Done Without Realizing it

mix food

Some of the things we do at home, cooking is one of those. We still do not, unfortunately, pay attention to how to cook very properly.

This not only includes deliciousness but also food health. This truly healthy food condition is especially important if you want to lose weight.

Unhealthy eating can be bad for your health. Especially in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, we need to take extra care of our health so that the body’s immunity can ward off infection with coronavirus.

There are a number of things you need to do in order to keep the food you cook healthy. So far, when cooking, a number of mistakes often occur which makes cooking less healthy.

Well, here are five common cooking mistakes that are not known to many people, as gossipamericanews.com reports

1. Using excess oil.


Excess oil put in the pan is often a problem in food. The oils in these foods can make you unconsciously add fat to the body.

2. Using too much sauce.


To enhance the taste of food, we often use different types of sauces. Unfortunately, adding too much sauce will add calories, salt, and sugar. This can have an impact on your efforts to lose weight.

3. Re-cook leftover food.


Spending any leftover food and re-cooking or mixing it up, can cause problems. In foods, especially meat and seafood, there is a protein content that is higher than our needs.

Ideally, protein consumption for women is as much as a fist. Whereas for men it is about the size of a hand.

4. Often use oil or butter.


When cooking, we unconsciously use oil and butter to speed up the process. Using it repeatedly in food can have a negative impact on health.

This is often done even in foods that don’t really need additional oil. Therefore, this should not be done because it can be bad for your health.

5. Originally mixing food.

Mixing food with various ingredients or additives can be bad for health. Although the taste of food will be delicious, this can be bad for health.

To avoid this, it’s best to pay attention to what you mix in the food. Also, be aware of what these ingredients contain and limit their consumption.