7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore - Wellness and Health Blog

Prediabetes is when you do not have diabetes, yet your blood sugar levels are above normal. Though usually, a blood sugar test will help you know if you are suffering from prediabetes, even certain signs could signify the same. So, let us get to learn about the 7 symptoms of prediabetes you shouldn’t ignore.

1. You are putting on weight

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If you have put on too much weight particularly around your middle then there are high chances of you becoming resistant to insulin, and this is one of the common risk factors as far as diabetes is concerned.

As you become overweight your pancreas experience stress to produce the required insulin and the insulin that is produced finds it difficult to do its job. If your belly is where you are gaining maximum weight then you are closer to the danger zone.

2. Your blood pressure is rising high

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People who have the problem of high blood pressure have higher chances of welcoming prediabetes as hypertension makes your heart work harder to be able to move blood around your body. The body then finds it difficult to remove the extra sugar from your bloodstream.

Prediabetes and hypertension only make each other worse and gradually they can have an impact on your heart.

3. Your skin starts behaving weird

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Yet another symptom of prediabetes which may be mild but must not go unnoticed is skin changes like skin tags or discolouration.

Some people who have reached the prediabetes stage may show some insulin resistance signs like darkened skin on the sides or back of the neck or in the armpit, or small skin may grow in these areas.

4. Your vision is getting blurry

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Diabetes and even prediabetes can have an impact on your vision, negatively of course. As your blood sugar levels swing from high to low fluid may leak into your eye’s lenses. Your eyes can change shape, swell, and you may find it difficult focusing.

Blurry vision can be caused due to other reasons as well, but if you are also experiencing the other symptoms mentioned in this list, then prediabetes can be the reason.

5. You always feel hungry

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Disrupted food breakdown affects your appetite as well. Because you do not get the required energy from food, your body feels it needs to eat more always.

Diabetes results in insulin resistance, a hormone that helps glucose move into your blood cells. When you are at the prediabetes stage, or already have diabetes, insulin finds it difficult to move into your tissues and you thus feel hungry more often.

6. You get exhausted easily

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Not only can this stage make you feel hungrier you are also likely to get exhausted easily. Since your body is not getting the fuel it requires even when you are eating enough, you naturally will feel tired.

If you feel exhausted you may feel like giving up working out and may even gorge on unhealthy fatty food because you do not have the energy to cook. All of this will only increase your problem further.

7. You feel more thirsty than usual

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If you feel very thirsty, particularly after a meal, then you may be in the prediabetes stage. Your body has started working harder to get rid of extra glucose from your bloodstream, and one way to do so is to dilute your blood and remove unprocessed sugar through urine. Your body will start pulling the water that it needs from the surrounding cells, which will then be left dehydrated and you will feel thirsty.

When your body undergoes this cycle you may keep feeling thirsty no matter how much water you drink. This is when you need to get cautious.

To Conclude 

Now that you are aware of the 7 signs that suggest you may have prediabetes, you need to be very careful. If you are already experiencing a few of these symptoms get your blood sugar levels tested today. Remember, timely action will prevent bigger problems in the future.