Actor Tom Hanks becomes Pastor and delivers message to the world


The famous actor Tom Hanks will star in a new movie in the role of a shepherd based on the popular figure of Fred Rogers, who became famous in the early 1960s through the television show “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”.

The figure of Hanks has traveled the world through one of the most remembered roles as Forrest Gump, and currently took the challenge of this new role that tries to carry a message to everyone.

The new premiere was titled “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, where Tom plays Fred Rogers with the aim of changing the culture of hypocrisy, falsehood and selfishness, feelings that dominate the hearts of today’s society.

Pastor Fred Rogers argues that our society’s current relationships are based on cynicism because it is an easy path and it provides economic prosperity.

That is why Rogers’ life example and good attitudes convinced actor Tom Hanks to perform this role and carry a different message within this world that is losing values.

The film focuses on the friendship between Pastor Rogers and cynical journalist Tom Junod, where the plot unfolds. The film has received rave reviews and praise after being presented at the Toronto Film Festival.

Actor Tom has managed to represent the life of Mr. Rogers expressing his inner strength and allowing them to believe in the goodness that this man teaches.

The movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” tries to awaken society from the habitual cynical treatment that made the world insensitive, especially with regard to dealing with children as the most vulnerable.

Below we share the official trailer: