The 33 Exclusive Photos of Princess Diana


Princess Diana had become one of the world’s most portrayed ladies! The paparazzi in the 1980s and 1990s always tried to capture any move of her. Her death mourned as the whole world died.

We have a collection of exclusive photographs that give her an intimate look at her fascinating life although it can appear that she was still on the focus. Enjoy our pictures showing Diana a certain hand until she’s gone.


01. With little beach boys

Princess Diana enjoys a fun beach season. We love the bathing suit of her animal print. It’s so adorable! This photo illustrates that how relax she was in her life.


02. As a lovely mother

Princess Diana kept Prince William in 1983 here in Kensington Palace. He was just eight months old and so adorable.

03. Flowers in the same species that gave fragrance to the world.

That’s a masterpiece. In 1992, Mother Teresa held the hand of Princess Diana in India.

04. Thorpe  park

This picture is of Diana as he visits Prince Harry’s Thorpe Park. The photo was taken on 13 April 1993.

05. Black Hat

She was so young! How young! In a summer holiday at West Sussex in 1971.

06. Reverence Dress

This is perhaps the most infamous mode options for Princess Di. It’s the epic “vindication” clothing. Christina Stambolian designed it.

The same evening that Prince Charles acknowledged being an adulterer in 1994, she worn this dress

07. Easter Service

Here in the Chapel of St. Georg in Windsor, the family attended an Easter service in 1989.

08. Little harry


Harry’s making his move for his signature! In the audience around the Palace of Buckingham, he sticks his tongue.

09. How Elegant

This is the iconic appearance of Diana. It’s a sophisticated shirt with a white pin. We really feel that it is so elegant!

10. Looking Amazing As Always

Princess Diana is outstanding in the royal ascot races as well.

11. Home Garden With The Kids

In 1986 at the Highgrove House this rare photo of the whole family was taken

12. Engagement

This is a beautiful photograph of Lady Diana and Princess Charles immediately after the announcement of their commitment on 24 February 1981.


13. Royal Couple

His photo is from when the pair together as a committed Royal couple took their first official outing. They were seen here in the Goldsmith’s Hall on March 9, 1982, at a charity function.


14. Wedding Dress

The train epic! She was here on 29 July 1981, in her famous wedding dress. Her train was 22 feet long and the longest in the history of Royal Wedding!


15. St. Paul Cathedral

Here, in 1981, the Royal Paul Cathedral attends the royal wedding service.


16. Back in 1981

This is a classic picture of Diana in the 1981 dress of a tartan.


17. Honeymooning

Diana seems as relaxed here as she could when she left for her luncheon in 1981.


18. The Royal Couple

Here the Royal couple waves after they have tied the knot in some diehard fans.


19. The Young Prince

Here’s a family shot from a far past. When he was a kid, Prince William looks cute. This photo was taken on 22 June 1982, St. Mary’s Hospital in London.


20. Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry

You can see a Diana who is really pregnant here because Prince William is holding her.


21. On A Beautiful Yacht

At the beginning of their honeymoon on August 1, 1981, the pair are seen here on the Royal Yacht Britannia. We are a bit jealous! We are a little jealous!


22. Honeymoon in Scotland

The pair look unbelievably elegant here. This picture was taken during their sunshine in Scotland in 1981.


23. Parliament Opening

In 1982, at the opening of the Parliament, Diana looks absolutely beautiful.


24. After William’s Christening

In 1982, at the opening of the Parliament, Diana looks absolutely beautiful.


25. Riding In A Land Rover

This rare pic shows Lady Diana while riding in a huge Land Rover in Australia.


26. Sitting In The Garden At Kensington Palace

Here is an 18 month old Prince William. They are at the garden in Kensington Palace.


27. Rubbing Noses

Our hearts are melting! Here Princess Diana is rubbing noses in New Zealand in 1983.


28. In Saudi Arabia

It’s cool and unusual! Lady Diana attends a dinner thrown back in Saudi Arabia by the Crown Prince on 17 November 1986.


29. Indonesia

In this unusual shot, you see Prince Charles and Lady Diana Princess of Wales watching some Indonesian tribal dancers in Yogyakarta. This photo was taken on November 5, 1989.


30. Niagara Falls

Princess Diana enjoys a cruise trip in Niagara Falls, Ontario with her sons in 1991. How adorable is the image?


31. Her Royal Majesty

What a magic of the royal! Diana and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain are here. Both are smiles outside of London Clarence House, 4 August 1987.

32. Leaving A Health Club In London

It’s super uncommon! In 1996, Diana left her fitness club. She looks like she’s had a decent training!


33. Teenage Diana With Her Pet Pony

This image we love. This is a young, adolescent, lady with her pet pony Scuffle, Lady Diana Spencer. This image we love!