Top 10 Most Watched Original Movies On Netflix

Top 10 Most Watched Original Movies On Netflix

Netflix has just lifted the veil on the top 10 most-watched original films on the platform. To attract new subscribers, the streaming service indeed produces a myriad of films every year. Currently, the action movie “Tyler Rake” with Chris Hemsworth is the top of the list.

Netflix catalog is made up of both films and series produced by other studios, such as Vikings, Sherlock or Inception, and original films and series. Netflix invests huge amounts of money each year in the production of original content. So far, the group’s strategy has paid off. It is thanks to the success of films and series like Stranger things, Mariage Story or Dark, that the VOD service constantly attracts new customers and consolidates its reputation. Last year, the firm also produced up to 47 original films, including The Irishman or the King, and has over 160 million subscribers.

List of the 10 most watched Netflix films
For the first time, Netflix has agreed to unveil the list of the 10 original films most watched by subscribers. In general, the service remains discreet about the name of the most popular content. But Netflix is ​​gradually changing its habits.

Tyler rake: 99 million views
Bird box: 89 million views
Spenser Confidential: 85 million views
6 Underground: 83 million views
Murder Mystery: 73 million views
The Irishman: 64.2 million views
Triple Frontier: 63 million views
The Wrong Missy: 59 million views
The platform: 56.2 million views
The Perfect Date: 48 million views

Number one is the pure action movie “Tyler Rake” (or Extraction in VO) with Chris Hemsworth (the interpreter of Thor in the cinema). The feature was released last April on Netflix. The second position is occupied by Birdbox, a thriller with Sandra Bullock which already dates from 2017. The film had inspired a dangerous challenge on social networks at the time.